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Sep. 15th, 2008

what a day for a day dream

shit son all right maybe we'll make this a weekly thing. not that it really matters i guess. there's only one cute guy that reads this thing anyway. ;-)

wednesday i can't really remember other than i went to work and it was probably boring as usual. i think i went for a long hike with dusty at mcclean's game refuge and pretty much got lost trying to get to the summit. i'm gonna try to reach it again i think, since it's a little too early to go to ryan's house... i woke up at 6:00 this morning stupid crazy brain. we're gonna eat dinner tonight with steve and his girlfriend caitlin, which should be a lot of fun, since caitlin and i have been referred to as the same person since we are never together in the same place and all. i haven't met her yet, so we've both remained a mystery.

thursday september 11th rocked. it was like the best day ever. my last day at work at that boring uconn job, never have to clean a cage there again. mariola bought me a cake, mary got me this huge chocolate bar, and everyone signed a card. it was really sweet, i feel kind of good about myself that i managed to fit in there after only three and a half months after that job. and then at the end of the day ryan told me he got a job. finally, after so long, he has a programming job doing something he wants to do. i'm so proud of you!!! he came here and i flipped out about it in the walgreens parking lot, people probably thought i was crazy cuz i was jumping up and down hugging him screaming haha. it was just so exciting! i'm so happy!

after that excitement fest we went up to UCONN to visit my friend krystal, we had a nice time catching up with things, it had been awhile since i saw her. we went and ate at the subway that she thinks is the best one in the state, which i'm fine with agreeing with. walked around campus and went to the coop. i was hoping to get another hoodie there but they were all gay looking or too expensive for what they were. after that we walked to dunkin donuts and sipped various beverages for a couple hours. we were the only ones in there for that entire time, sucks that they're open until 11pm... cuz who goes and gets coffee that late at night? 

hmm and the news right now is saying that gas prices are going to go up again due to hurricane ike.... dumb excuse. it's all ready almost 4 dollars a gallon.

friday was AWESOME!! ryan came over and we had a halloween day since i'll be missing it in scotland. we got a couple ten pound pumpkins and carved them up. they looked pretty cool... ryan did an awesome wolf one that came out a million times better than mine, i did a haunted house. we ate halloween oreos and made pumpkin pie, had pizza and cherry coke for lunch, and when my parents came home we all shared a couple grinders from apollo's. a delicious day i must say, even though my experiments with the pumpkin pie kinda made it turn out tasting like oatmeal. oh well. after all the food festivities we lit up the pumpkins and our halloween tree, they looked pretty sweet in the dark. the coolest part was though, the next day, my parents actually said that they liked ryan, that he's a really nice guy and that having him over for dinner meant a lot to them. man, that couldn't have made me happier.

saturday i went to the big e with my parents, had a really great time. more food festivities ensued... had a chicken philly grinder for lunch and a big slice of apple pie from the vermont building for dessert. delcious. we walked around and looked at all the nifty crafts too, people can make some nifty things. there was a miniature circus there where these three guys have carved little circus people, tents and animals out of wood for twenty five years, putting them on display there. there were also these nifty mini log cabins made out of cedar, you could put a candle in them and that made them smell so good. we also watched this concert where one of the guys from the monkees sang, i think his name was mickey but i'm not sure. my parents really liked it, and i must admit they put on a pretty good show, even though it wasn't quite my type of music. it was a good day, the only thing that sucked was that i was supposed to hang out with krystal there but i couldn't get in touch with her because i, retardedly, left my cell phone at home.

that brings me to yesterday.... finally! ryan and i went to six flags with brooke, her sisters, and alexei. had a really great time riding all the coasters, although poor ryan got so motion sick! he was a good sport though and even made it on to superman. i love that coaster, it's so much fun. also went on a couple water rides which was a bad idea since my butt ended up being soaked all day!! stupid me and deciding to wear jeans. alas. anyway after that we went back to alexei's, brooke and her sisters left so me, ryan and alexei went to johnny rocket's in manchester for dinner. that was pretty disappointing though, the restaurant was really dirty, the service was crap and the bathroom had tiny dinner napkins for paper towels. at least the food was decent, but i don't think i'll be going back there any time soon.

Sep. 9th, 2008

(no subject)

ha, all ready i'm slacking in this journal thing!! now i have to try to remember what i've done the past few days.... good grief!

saturday not much happened i don't think. went for a long hike with dusty at mccleans game refuge, we found the picnic grove and tried to make it to the summit, but we were too dead so we just headed home. we'll have to go back there so we can see what it looks like, i've never actually gotten all the way up there before. then i got home and i was supposed to go see spam a lot with nick at the bushnell but i had to cancel unfortunately because there was a big tropical storm that was going to hit the state. i feel bad, i know he was really looking forward to it and now i feel even more retarded because the storm didn't end up being that bad. i guess there was no way of knowing that before hand though and i guess it's always better to be safe than sorry. oh well, hopefully my aunt and him aren't pissed at me or whatever. but i guess they shouldn't be, i was really doing them a favor by going anyway. and at the time i didn't want to risk getting stuck somewhere in a flood just to see a show.

sunday was cool cuz i met up with sandy plankton, one of my friends at glasgow vet school to go check out tufts veterinary school. oh my gosh, compared to glasgow that place is so amazing. it has tons of green grassy lawns, an amazing small/large animal hospital, a farm right there on campus, and all the buildings are pretty brand new. anna gave us a tour around which was great cuz we got to go inside all the buildings and check out the hospital and stuff. i could not believe the size of the large animal hospital though, it was ridiculous! i hope i get to go there... ugh crossing my fingers. everything about it makes me happy, they've got a whole building devoted to wildlife, and they let you have jobs on campus. *sigh* i can dream... they've got a whole little herd of jersey cows there too! adorable! so hopefully..... hopefully... 

so all in all that was a pretty good day. got to hang out with sandy outside of scotland which was quite a treat, since we were both super happy at home and we both had our guys with us. her husband is really nice too, it was nice to meet him. went to friendly's and got some chicken fingers... i've been feeling super fat since that meal, cuz i got a slice of watermelon roll with it too. so delicious though...

yesterday was fine. went to work as usual, everyone there keeps saying how much they'll miss me, which is pretty nice of them. i guess i'll miss them too to some extent, but i definitely won't miss the job. the most exciting thing i get to do is clip mouse teeth when there are malocclusions. it paid pretty well though, so it was a good job for the summer. after work i met up with brian and his boyfriend steve at the starbucks in bishops corner, it was really awesome to see him again  but i felt bad because i had a ridiculous headache and i was super tired... so i'm not sure how much fun i was. steve seems pretty chill though, and they look cute together, so if brian is happy i'm happy. we didn't do too much other than sip some expensive drinks and then go to whole foods so they could grab some pizza. i got brian's e-mail addy too so i'll definitely have to talk to him more, it's tough livng so far away from all my old friends because you start to feel kind of detached from their lives. but even so, these friends of mine are awesome enough to still say they're my best friends, even if we do only talk once every few months or so.

and today, yet another day at work, nothing exciting, i was bored out of my gourd though and really didn't want to do anything so it took me forever to get anything done. after work i got a haircut, which i really like, although i think i'm going to have to straighten it every time i wash it to keep it looking good. it's shoulder length and really layered, and my bangs are pushed to the side. it's a cute style, if i must say so myself. i know ryan wanted me to get it cut super short but i wasn't brave enough for that. i don't want to end up looking like a boy.

and now... just finished playing in the yard with dusty and ate a delcious dinner. salmon on the grill... god, anything cooked on the grill is delcious, unless of course it's a cow or an oinker. i don't know why i stopped liking that stuff, it's been a long ass time since i've had any of it. but i know i still don't like beef because every once in awhile i'll get a chicken parm grinder at subway and there will be meatball chunks in the sauce, and it's gross.

ugh and it's only 8:15 and i'm falling asleep all ready.... is it bed time yet? 

Sep. 5th, 2008

(no subject)

today wasn't a good day. long day at work, came home and decided to take dusty for a walk at the dog park, and i ended up meeting up with this girl from work who's really nice, but instead of the walk taking like an hour or so like i intended it to the whole thing took like 2 1/2 hours. after that i went to grab some veggie fried rice from a local chinese place and then headed home. i was hoping to just be able to relax and watch lemony snicket's series of unfortunate events but my dad was home blasting his video games on the computer in the living room and then the movie froze and wouldn't play half way through. so i didn't get to see the end of the movie, and i was actually enjoying it. and i have a super frickin headache, and i'm tired, and i'm just super grumpy. my dad was like " how come you're so grumpy, i don't even get that grumpy, are you on drugs?" which totally didn't make any sense and just pissed me off even more.  the only good part of the day was getting a mint chocolate chip frappucino at starbucks and stumbling across ryan's comments and journal entries, which, while reading them i proceeded to cry my eyes out. and i can't even talk to him today because a bunch of people are over his house and he never calls me when there are other people there... i don't know why he can't just go in another room for five minutes, other people step outside and talk on the phone all the time at his parties.

*sigh* just ignore me i'm being grrrr

Sep. 4th, 2008

(no subject)

ugh so today work was boring as usual. absolutely nothing to write home about on that front. not looking forward to tomorrow, i've got a big room and a lot of loose ends to tie up before the girl i'm covering for comes back from vacation. the only good thing about it was that now i officially have only five more days of working there to get through, i can do that. can't wait, this job just bores me to tears.

after work though life was pretty awesome. took a shower, drove home, got some things together and dusty and i took a ride to the post office to overnight her health records to the usda. i really hope that they get back to me all right, i have a feeling that the lady at the post office counted wrong and didn't put enough stamps on the return envelope, but hopefully i'm just crazy and it'll get back to me just fine. this whole thing has been such an adventure. and yesterday i booked dusty on virgin atlantic so they should be sending me their paperwork again. *sigh* hopefully everything will go fine this time. last time was awful, poor ryan had to drive me and the dog all the way back home from boston just because i didn't realize that her health certificate had to be endorsed by the usda. what a royal pain in the ass. so here's hoping things will go more smoothly...

after the ride i took dusty for a short walk, didn't get too far though because it was super hot out today and i had to get back home so i could meet up with ryan in avon. we had a good time, went to the new best buy that just opened up on saturday, it's really nice in there... all carpeted floors and everything is labeled and fronted and faced. hasn't had a chance for people to trash it yet. they even had rockband out for people to play... and none of the instruments were broken! amazing! anyway, ended up buying some cases for my psp games and the movie office space with a gift certificate ryan's cousin steve got me for my b-day. ryan was eyeing this drum stool so i gave him the $0.11 left on my gift card so he can put it toward that. they also had this really cool digital camera, a something lumix, might've been olympus or canon, i'll have to check. 230 bucks though, which is kind of an ouchie, but this thing focused like a charm, was great for close-ups and far away too. 10 megapixels. i'm seriously going to have to examine my funds to see if i can get this thing, since the camera i have is currently out of order, and i definitely need a camera when i live in a whole different country!! how else am i going to show people what my life looks like over there? and all the cute animals i get to see? plus, i'd like to remember what i saw several years down the road! ha maybe i'll just treat myself to it for working hard this summer... i think that will probably be the case.

so after best buy we went to chili's to grab dinner because i was starving. ryan got his usual, some bacon cheeseburger thing. i decided to try these honey-chipotle chicken finger things, but oh man, by the end of that meal my mouth was as crispy as they were... they were so spicy hot! it was torture getting through them! i told ryan to remind me never to get those again...

after the meal we donated a couple dollars to color a chili pepper to raise money for st. jude's children's hospital. we made the chili a french general anteater, complete with army helmet and mustache. go figure, we're crazy.

then we hit up the local walmart and bought some halloween stuff for scotland, i was so happy they had some stuff out. bought some plates and a thing to hang on the wall with jackolanterns on it, a couple of halloweeny bowls and plates and napkins. also got spooky sprinkles and ghosty cupcake papers so i can make cupcakes for the party. oh man, i'm so excited for halloween =D  wish i was spending it here though, ryan and his cousins do a haunted house every year and i've never been able to see it, either because i wasn't dating him or, now that i am dating him, i live in scotland for most of the year. *sigh* at least i won't be in school forever, it has to end sometime...

so after getting our halloween fix we went behind petco and sat on the lawn, just to be together for a little while. i told ryan we should get married there in that petco parking lot, since that's pretty much where our relationship began, and we're always hanging out there. but then, i remembered it was a parking lot, and who gets married in one of those.

Sep. 3rd, 2008

(no subject)

went to work at the health center, the usual mouse cage changing but with an added bat flying into the break room at the end of the day. he was so cute, and i offered to catch him, but my bosses wouldn't let me in case i got bitten and caught rabies. i guess that makes sense. i just didn't want the exterminator to come and give him the axe, but that's probably what happened. i guess i'll just be naive and believe that he caught the bat and let it go in dark woods full of bat food and caves...

after that i got to see ryan, which was completely awesome, i haven't seen him since saturday. yeah i know, four days really isn't that long, and i know i'm being a bit pathetic, but i dunno, i just miss him so much when we're not together. to quote dr. evil, "he completes me" haha. guess i have to get used to it again though, four days definitely is a small smidgen compared to the three and a half months coming up. *sigh* i'm excited to go back to scotland but not excited at the same time...

so what did we do... i had a couple of gift cards i got for my birthday that were burning a hole in my pocket so we went to the mall and target. ate burger king for dinner, always highly nutritious, then ran in to fye and bought a red xiii action figure (yeah, ryan and i are incredible dorks) with the gift card my brother got me. putzed around the mall some more, stopped in at game stop so ryan could grab the new viva pinata trouble in paradise game. then we drove to target and i got some random crap i need for scotland with the gift card ryan's cousin sara gave me. oh man, his family is so awesome... they all got me something for my birthday, which was so nice, seeing as they don't really know me that well, and i really wasn't expecting anything. it was such a nice surprise, and i feel bad that they did all of that, but everything they got me came in handy and i definitely appreciate all of it. i don't know if any of you will ever read this but you guys rock!

so after our shopping escapade we went back to the house and played that viva pinata game, you can play two players together which is pretty neat. didn't get too far though because, as usual, i had to get home early to go to bed early to go to work early. arg, it's a vicious cycle!

    "and i'm afraid of changing cuz i build my life around you"

Sep. 2nd, 2008

(no subject)

ooo long day today. absolutely nothing exciting happened, went to work at the health center and changed like 200 mouse cages, then went to petco to close there. just did a bunch of stock and helped a bajillion people catching fish and crickets. got a bit farther on bringing dusty to scotland though, looked at some rental car companies and called the usda and such. and my friend sandy from scotland/new york called which was really nice. i'll be seeing her sunday at tufts to get a tour of the vet campus which should be pretty fun. she's an awesome person, really cool and down to earth. glad i've gotten to know her.

w00t w00t i forgot though it was my last day at petco today... hopefully for the rest of my life! it was good while it lasted, but i'm definitely tired of working there-- and need to get out!

Sep. 1st, 2008

(no subject)

I really should be in bed right now, as I currently have a job that requires me to hoist myself out of bed at 5:30 every morning. But I've been thinking about doing this for a long time, starting a little journal of sorts just to write stuff down so I don't forget it. I have a terrible memory when it comes to remembering all the little things that happen to me in everyday life; I always notice them as I'm going through my days but I can never recollect them when I would like to. Take a movie for instance, I can watch it one night and then by the next morning I will have forgotten most of the funny lines or even, quite regrettably, what the movie is even about! So I'm going to try to write even a couple lines every day as much as possible about my life in hopes that I can remember what I did today a few years down the road.

So a quick summary of where I am right now, I can't quite right a novel about everything I remember right now since it is late. I'll try to catch this little blurb up as the days go on. I've got a job at the UConn Health Center working in the Center of Lab Animal Care, I really hate the job because it is extremely routine and monotonous, cleaning cage after cage after cage of mice, and I am bored out of my mind. Occasionally I'll get the interesting case of a sick mouse, but it's usually due to a larger mouse bullying the crap out of it, maloclussions (misaligned teeth) which are cool cuz I get to clip teeth, something semi-veterinarian like, or hydrocephaly, where a mouse is pretty much uncoordinated, hunched over, and skinny. Most cures for a sick mouse there are euthanization, unfortunately, so there really isn't much chance for me to learn about treatments for such afflictions. *Sigh* at least i know, through this job, that i do not want to be a lab animal vet...

I leave for vet school on the 19th of september, where i will be starting my second year at the university of glasgow faculty of veterinary medicine. i'm both excited about it and dreading it; excited because my friend elena from new jersey and i have our very own flat, I know i will actually like living with her, i enjoy my classes, and my dog dusty will be there. but i am also dreading it because that means leaving home, my parents, my car, my friends, i'll just miss my favorite season, fall, and i won't be able to see my much loved boyfriend, ryan, for at least three months, since i'm not coming back until christmas. ugh it's always such a challenge for us, one day i'm hoping it'll get easier. going to try to transfer into tufts vet school in massachusettes for next year, if there's any luck you, my stupid journal, can give me that would be much appreciated!!

so today was not a very exciting day to start this on, but what the heck. every day counts, right? went to the beach with my parents today, which was very nice. my dad even came along for the trip! had some tuna sandwiches, doritos, soda. i watched the sea gulls and the waves, threw sand on my dad's feet, and laughed with my mom. took a nap underneath the beach umbrella for at least an hour after lunch. i love hammonasset state beach, it's never that packed and it's pretty clean. mmm.. yeah the beach was super relaxing. unfortunately after that we came home because i had to go to petco to put in a few hours of work, apparently helping my old boss out by coming back there for a few days this summer but I don't know why I did, he doesn't really appreciate it as far as i can tell, but then again he doesn't really appreciate anyone. crazy guy, all the management under him want out, and i don't blame them.

working tonight was fine, i just stuck to myself mostly, since a pretty annoying girl followed one of my friends around all night. she must just be immature, i really don't want this journal to turn into a bashing fest. so anyway i just straightened out the leash wall, the time went by pretty fast actually, which was nice for a change. one of the birds at the store went home today, a black headed caique, they're such cool parrots they have such personalities. i put him in a petco box for the guy to take home and instead of staying quiet and scared he was whistling up a storm, wondering why he was stuck in such a dark place. cute little guy. i want to get one of my own one day. ha, and then one of the groomers i haven't seen since last year sometime asked me if i was still dating ryan, and if we were engaged yet. like we have any money for that...

all right, peacin out until tomorrow, i'm tired and i have to get up for work. hopefully i'll enjoy getting up for work one day... it'll be nice when i'm out of school and actually a vet!

and i wonder why writing in journals only works if you're pretending you're talking to the journal as if it's a person... i guess you have to if you use the word i. but i'm not going to go around calling myself 'ashley' and 'she' every five seconds, that's just weird. ashley is going to bed. that's right, i am.

Feb. 23rd, 2006

(no subject)

so... i know i've been kinda slacking in terms of livejournalness.... but i've been keeping a journal over at myspace, so you should check it out-- http://www.myspace.com/littlespot64 ....

i guess i'll try to x-post stuff since i've had this one for so long.


Jan. 31st, 2006

(no subject)

i get to go to a stain'd concert tonight!!! so exciting!!! :D

Jan. 26th, 2006

(no subject)

did you ever really mean anything you said?

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